DeeAnn Thompson

On April 19th, I decided I was tired of being unhealthy, but I didn’t want to do another diet. I really just hate that word. I WAS READY FOR A TRUE LIFE STYLE CHANGE! I had heard about Get Phit Studio in Burlington that offered a healthy way of living through exercise and clean eating. Yes, I’ve had real ice cream from Smitty’s Ice Cream Shop during my journey to healthy living. Is it okay to have ice cream, yes, just not everyday. It is an occasional indulgence!

To be honest, when I started this journey I had no idea how much it was going to help control my MS pain. By cutting out the bad carbs, unhealthy amounts of sugar, and processed foods helped with my inflammation. I wish I could have had a pain monitor attached to my body from when I began to now. It would blow people away how much I’ve improved. Is my pain completely gone, NO, but has it improved, YES! When you wake up every morning between a 5 & 6 and rise throughout the day, you are thrilled to have many days waking up at a 2 and rising throughout the day. I now end days at a 6, instead of starting at a 6.

I invite all my friends that live in the Alamance County area to join me at Get Phit Studios2.0. I promise you won’t be disappointed. I’m officially down 50lbs & 30 inches overall. Whatever you do, don’t call this a diet, that is temporary, it is a life style change, which is a journey. You have to change your way of thinking and work hard if you want to succeed, but I promise it will be worth it. Stop beating yourself up, stop putting yourself down, stop being an ASS to yourself!

Come be apart of my journey and let me be apart of yours!