Phitness Foundation – 8 Week


Phitness Foundation program will provide the following tools to help you build a solid foundation:
MINDSET – Weekly mindset goals and strategies (goals to keep you engaged and tuned into what is working for you and your body and strategies to embrace being “Comfortably Uncomfortable” ).
NUTRITION – Weekly 5 day meal plans that are not only healthy but delicious. Featuring “seasonal” summertime favorites, recipes and grocery lists.
EXERCISE – Weekly strength training split. Strength training classes that coincide with this program will be offered at Get Phit Studio. Can’t make it to GPS classes, workout somewhere else or out of town? No problem, we will also be sending you weekly training splits to do on your own. GPS will also be holding Strength Training 101 workshops that will be included in this program at no additional cost.
LIFESTYLE – We want this to be fun, interactive and educational. We will be hosting FACEBOOK LIVE chats to answer questions, tips on how to make this a lifestyle change and to keep each other motivated and accountable over the summertime.



Summertime……sun, swimming, vacation, beaches, camping, grilling, ice cream and dieting. Umm…. what? So what one of those don’t belong?

At this point you should understand that “diets” do not work and they definitely do not work during the summer. Summer time can be hard to start or keep going with a healthy lifestyle. So instead of stressing about “dieting”; and trying the latest “summer shed”, or “abs in 20 days”, how about enjoying summertime with friends and family but at the same time have healthy delicious meals to maintain or even loose a little weight and get stronger!

It took us years struggling in the gym before we figured out the secret (spoiler: it’s nutrition),

You don’t need more motivation.

You don’t need more inspiration.

You don’t need more information!

You don’t even need another challenge……

What you DO need is a plan to follow, systems to implement, and accountability to keep you on track! THIS is the recipe for success.

GPS2.0 has created a Phitness Foundation program that we challenge you to try out this summer.
Class Schedule runs from July 8 – August 30th