Fall 2019 Challenge


You enjoyed your summer? Are you ready to get “Serious” again? Let’s put that motivation to good work. We’ve designed a new 8 week challenge that will also teach you how to make your own choices. This is the Level 2 Challenge Format that we’ve been talking about! You MUST be serious about this…… or, you won’t reap the full benefits….. You MUST be committed to this…. or, your results will be lack luster. Don’t be Lack Luster.. Be a Better Version of You!! Sign up now… Limited time left before we begin. Challenge starts Sept. 30th!!!



Fall is here!! Are you going to wait until January to get ready for the New Year??? Or, are you going to get ready for the New Year in the Fall!! Be ready for all those Holiday events coming up! Don’t let them derail and leave you feeling miserable! Learn how to enjoy those events and stay Phit at the same time!